Liquid Painting Booth

Electrostatic Liquid Painting

Saving is the most essential criteria of electrostatic equipment. Highest tip voltage given by us along with the improved soft atomization due to newly designed nozzle gives maximum saving & enhanced quality finish.

The new equipment provides up to 40% more paint saving against any conventional gun and 10% to 20% against other Electrostatic Liquid Painting equipments in the market. It is equipped with Guaranteed Failure Free Cascade.

  • Charjet Premium
  • Charjet Standard
  • Charjet - L

Electrostatic equipment is ideal for mass production articles such as automobile components, fan, furniture, bicycles, LPG cylinders, lacquer coating, lighting fixtures, control panels, drums etc.

Charjet Premium:

Charjet-Premium is a new age Electrostatic Liquid Painting equipments. With amazing saving, new failure diagnostic feature and with a host of other advantages, Charjet-Premium delivers a nearly failure proof experience.

HMI - This is a data processor with a feather touch screen given for the first time on manual equipment. Selection available on screen with a memory feature makes this equipment easy to use with settable data.


Charjet Standard:

  • Highest transfer efficiency with 70 kV DC -ve voltage results into paint saving up to 40 %
  • Cascade is encapsulated in special polymer to ensure long lasting trouble free operation
  • External paint path ensures ease of cleaning / colour change and also minimizes maintenance


Charjet L:

Electrostatic Spray equipment, CHARJET -L overcomes conventional systems drawback of extreme paint wastage.

Auto Electrostatic Spray Gun

Auto electrostatic spray gun is ideal for mass production articles where paint consumption is very high. The gun can be mounted on reciprocators.

Disc Applicator

This is used for painting of articles on conveyorised lines. Pre - charged paint is fed to disc rotating at high speed, imparting centrifugal force. This causes atomization of paint. The paint particles are negatively charged and deposited on the article due to Electrostatic effect. Transfer efficiency is very high and may reach 90%.

System Components:

  • An electromechanical reciprocator with remotely controlled speed, stroke & zone control.
  • Applicator.
  • Paint feeding system.
  • Paint charging unit.
  • Control console.

Bell Applicator

This paint applicator can be used for painting large work pieces. The paint is fed to bell shaped applicator rotating at high speed (6000 rpm). The paint particles are atomized due to high rotation speed. The paint particles are negatively charged (at 100kV) and these follow the spray pattern generated due to the air shower and deposit on the article. Transfer efficiency is very high and may reach 90%.

Paint Transfer Pump

Prapat, the paint transfer pump in the paint spraying system is used for ensuring uninterrupted, uniform and filtered paint feeding to the spraying gun.

The pneumatically operated piston type pump is a compact and sophisticated option to the conventional pressure feed container. Prapat provides uniform and easily controlled delivery. The easy to monitor, sleek design and light weight ensures great reduction of paint wastage in the painting process.

Paint Stirrer

Many paints have settling property due to which solid particles accumulate at the bottom over a period of time. Hence, this deters the paint quality & finish. So, continuous stirring is required. Statfield offer Pneumatic stirrers for this purpose.

Stirrers can be offered along with different capacity S.S. containers and with isolation for metallic paint for electrostatic operation.

Paint Circulation System

As the concept of Quality Mass Production emerged, it gave birth to the need for continuous & voluminous painting.

With statfield paint circulation system colour change at many booths is possible through one paint storage room. Also, different colours can be fed to different locations at the same time. Tremendous saving can be achieved.

Statfield undertakes the total responsibility of customised paint circulation system.

Salient Features

  • Quick colour change.
  • Uninterrupted paint feeding.
  • Constant viscosity.

Mobile Paint Circulation System:

This is a portable system specially designed such that all the spray equipments are mounted on the trolley with quick cleaning facilities.

Important Features

  • Paint circulation, color change cleaning can be done with minimum hose length.
  • All connections in SS.
  • Filter choking can be monitored through pressure gauges.
  • Additional filter provided, if filter chokes online changeover is possible.