Coating Plants

Powder Coating Booth

These types of booths consist of square chamber, multicyclone with blower, motor & bin. Each component of the booth contributes to ensure efficient and optimized powder coating process.

The carbon steel powder coated spray chamber with the multi-cyclone recovery gives almost 100 % powder utilization. It is maintenance free and has a very long life. The powder booth is easy to clean, resulting in a quick colour change and is safe to operate. No powder spillage out of the booth and maximum recovery through the multi-cyclone results in desired pollution control.

Different Models:

Depending upon size of the article, coating requirements, material handling requirements statfield has designed some standard models. Customized booth design is also done for any non standard or specific focus requirements.

Moduler Multicyclone

Guaranteed efficiency of 98.5 % with a very long life gives the Multicyclone an edge over other powder recovery systems. The high velocity of powder in the multicyclone reduces powder sticking, so cleaning time is negligible.

Post Filter

98.5% efficiency of the Multicyclone helps in maximum utilization of chargeable powder. But to comply with Pollution Control Laws, the 1.5% powder fines are required to be arrested. The post filter arrests this powder and gives out breathable air.

A number of filter cartridges are mounted inside the sealed metallic chamber. The air enters the chamber and the filteration occurs 'outside in'. Periodic purge removes the powder and clean the cartridge. Clean air is given out through the blower outlet.

Integration Concept

Booth - when integrated with Equipment and post filter gives:

  • Automatic mixing of fresh & recovered powder.
  • Automatic feeding of powder to spray gun.
  • Automatic on-line sieving.
  • Prevention of entry of fines in atmosphere.

Liquid Painting Booth

These types of booths are available in two options

  • Water Wash type
  • Dry Back type

In water wash type, there are two chambers separated by water curtain wall. The front spray chamber for painting & Chamber behind the water curtain wall is Suction Chamber to separate paint particles from air/thinner mixture. Blower and Motor are installed on the top of the chamber.

In dry back type the water curtain is replaced with metallic filters. The dry type booth is recommended in new line paint where consumption is less or water is scarce. Metallic filters are used for arresting the over sprayed paint and give clean air output to atmosphere.

Both the types are available with Down Draft and Side Draft option.

Selection Criteria:

Selecting an appropriate type of booth depends on article size, production, type of paint and its consumption, type of application & number of operators.

  • Normally Dry Booth is recommended if paint consumption is low.
  • Water Wash Booth is preferred when higher volume of paint demands higher paint killing.
  • The Down Draft version is needed for large / heavy articles so as to coat article from all sides.
  • Side Draft booth is recommended for small articles.
  • Combination Model - Side Draft / Down Draft:. Sometimes there is very critical production constraints like articles weigh form 5 tons up to 5 kg. For such applications Statfield offers combined side draft booth with down draft to accommodate heavy production of different types of articles
  • For special applications where article size is very big, in the range of 6 meters and if civil pit for down draft is to be avoided, Statfield provides option of sideward draft towards bottom of the booth panel. Additional pressurization ensure dust free operation

Closed Track

Conveyor tracks are enclosed type and are formed sections. Chain gets appropriate guide with this arrangement ensuring a chain to remain dustproof. Tracks are of greater strength and hence require overhead/ground supporting only at the distances of 3 mtrs.

Caterpillar Type Positive Transmission Drive Unit

We promote positive transmission type caterpillar drive that functions over a considerably lesser power and hence remains lesser on the maintenance side. Incorporation of over tension limit switches (OTLS) in the drive unit enables motor rotection under chain lock condition.

Automatic Lubrication Unit

For S series where conveyor is to function at 220 degrees, lubrication is mandatory, we offer an automatic drop type controlled lubrication unit that ensures chain getting lubricated only at the points it is supposed to be. It can be programmed for periodic lubrication.


Automation results in improved productivity, efficient working, consistency in coating quality & thickness, round the clock working throughout the year. Reduced dependency on skilled manpower is a big advantage.

Accessories and automation associated with conveyorized material handling
  • Automatic Jig Tilting for Material unloading - We have kilometers of overhead conveyor provided in a Tea Estates where tea leaves are required to be unloaded automatically.
  • Automatic Crate unloading for Fruit Processing units - In fruit processing plants where standard crates are loaded on the conveyor manually, unloading was required to be done at the processing plant automatically.
  • Free Track Trolley - For Manual Material Movement When production is not more but articles are heavy, manual track and trolley type system is convenient. With combination of multiple pneumatic switch junctions a complex material handling can be eased with expert design.