Shot Blasting Machine

Our vision to be known as the best in the market has enabled us to offer and excellent quality Shot Blasting Machine to our valued customers. We manufacture this product keeping in mind the needs and demands of the customers. The product we are offering is excellent in quality and well designed. The offered product is used in various industries for the purpose of cleaning or preparing a surface. We are offering this product at a very marketable rate.


Details : About Blast Cabinet Blast Cabinet is an enclosure which houses the abrasive propelling mechanism (blast gun), holds work in position and confines flying abrasive particles and dust. Features of Blast Cabinets Machine meets ISO Standards All cabinet models are rubber lined inside large vision window. vision glass is protected by a wire screen against abrasion and glass is easily replaceable. Easy fitting of accessories like nozzles, hoses etc. Whenever required at site. New ergonomic cabinet is designed to snake operator relaxed while working. Blasting start/stop is through foot valve so that both hands of operator are free to maneuver the job or blasting nozzle. Air pressure gauge, air pressure regulator, moisture separator (except Wet Blaster) and an air gun is provided as standard fitting. Simple operation and simple installation as the machines are ready to operate when connected with airline and electric supply. foundation or pit for installation not necessary. fabricated from heavy gauge mild steel, folded and welded construction. It incorporate sealed hand holes ans gasketed doors to ensure that dust will not escape outside. Environmentally clean and friendly as dust collection device is attached so only clean air is 1 discharged to atmosphere. Noise level of fan is kept below 80 dBA at operators position. proper ventilation is provided for clear visibility while blasting. Doors are provided with cam lock system, which seals the door across the width by operating a single lever, and are easy to open / close. High lums transfer good illumination also proper ventilation for clear visibility.


Suction Blaster
Suction Blaster is the simplest and most effective way to remove corrosion and old paint. Suction Blaster is a clean, dust free sand blaster that leaves the surface cleaned and well prepared for painting, filling etc. When the cabinet and power module are correctly set-up, the cabinet is ready for operation by actuation of the foot pedal. Fully depressing the foot pedal causes air to flow through the blast gun. Air moving through the gun draws media into the blast gun mixing chamber. The media mixes with the air and is propelled out the nozzle. After striking the object being blasted, the blast media, along with fines, dust, and byproducts generated by blasting, fall through the grate into the cabinet hopper. These particles are drawn into the reclaimer for separation. Dust and fines are first separated from the reusable blast media. Next the media is screened of oversize particles, and returned to the reclaimer hopper for reuse. Dust and fines are drawn from the reclaimer into the dust collector which traps the dust, discharging clean air. When the foot pedal is released the blasting stops.