Powder Coating Machine

With the support of our qualified workforce, we have been committed to offering strongly built Powder Coating Machine to our clients. This equipment is designed with the latest technology and fulfilled all the set parameters in the market. The provided coating machine is mainly used to coat metals and serve various industries like automobile and printing. These machines are strong and sturdy in nature and have a long service life. Our offered range is available as per the modern trend and is provided at market leading prices.

Details :

  • In Touch with Technology!!! Statfield Equipments Pvt. Ltd., has been proudly wearing the crown of "Pioneer" since the eighties. Statfield has given 'ever-updated' advanced equipments to the market with the twin Philosophy of Innovation and Customer satisfaction.
  • With expertise gained over decades, Statfield has invented various elements of the powder coating process to achieve customer satisfaction through the Science of Powder management. Be it the high transfer efficiency of the Shalaka Series Guns or the High Recovery Efficiency of the Multi Cyclones. Statfield has been continuously upgrading this Powder Management Science.
  • Over the years, Statfield has added automatic applicators, recycling system and post filter to tie up all loose ends in Powder Management. To give justice to Statfield Innovative Technologies, we have and will keep on perfecting the Science of Powder Management.

Maxim :

  • Powder Coating World is in new scenario of quality and rates, as rates are going down and customers are demanding more. To balance such a situation is a new challenge for manufacturer, thus the manufacturer has to minimize the production cost by optimum use of machinery and man power.
  • "Stafield" has discovered a super techno model of powder coating which minimizes operating cost of powder coating unit and saves time.


Standard Features :

  • Shalaka 17 : The new age powder coating gun is based on concept of low energy generation. A unique device providing safety with enriched powder charging and uniform powder flow. It is lightweight & well balanced due to its molded parts of modern polymer.
    • It gives safety with enriched powder charging.
    • The unique external path leads to uniform powder flow.
    • This gun is lightweight & well balanced due to its moulded parts of modern polymer.
    • Now you can spray metallic powder without changing Nozzle.
    • Reduced spares consumption.
  • Fold back characteristic : The gun operates at maximum efficiency having tip voltage of 80-90 Kv at a distance of 150 mm from article. While coating the cavities when the gun is moved nearer to article the voltage and current reduce thus, charge at the edges of cavity decreases and powder penetrates the cavity and if the gun accidentally touches the article, human body, current automatically reduces to zero.
  • Moving cap : It makes the powder beam narrow or broad, just with a slide.
  • External powder path :Its easy to clean during color change.
  • Suitability for metallic powder : No need of separate nozzle for metallic powder application.
  • Touch Trigger : A very special feature in which gun triggers just by touching the metal piece. There is no moving mechanism at all. So failures are avoided. The supply is not earthed gun doesn't trigger.
  • Control block : It's a newly designed powder pump for smooth & uniform flow with high volume powder output & less air consumption avoiding bounce back problem.
  • Powder hopper : It's made up of SS, round and smooth with no welding joints or corners, and has three piece construction. This reduces the color change time.
  • Light weight : The gun is manufactured from specialized polymers material which is light in weight enhancing durability and reduces labor fatigue.
  • Ergonomically designed : The Ergonomically designed gun is well balanced increasing flexibility and reducing stress on a particular angle.
  • No frequent Breakdowns :The cascade inside and external powder path makes the gun failure free.
  • Optional Attachments : Variety of spray heads are developed to improve coating results for specific articles. Flat nozzle for plane articles, Star or plus nozzle for cavity coating, extension nozzle for deep areas are preferred generally.
  • Minicon : A very small 0.8 kg container can be used for trials.


Unique Features of Maxim :

  • Built in sieve : Provides an automatic sieving for the recycled as well as fresh powder, saving labor.
  • Vibratory trolley : The vibrating trolley assists sieving action.
  • Optional control for sieving: The switch can help to choose in between manual and auto sieving.
  • Powder level sensor : The sensor gives an audio visual alarm for minimum level of powder in the hopper.

Other Models : Magnum I, Magnum II, Magnum BM : All these models have common standard features of Maxim which is our core technology. Selection depends upon different facilities like sieve, hopper capacities etc.

Technical Specification

Powder Spraying Gun Model Shalaka 17
Input Voltage 35v AC ± 10%
Input Frequency 20 kHz ± 10%
Output Voltage 95 kv DC (Max)
Polarity Negative (Std)
Output Current 140 µA (Max)
Short Circuit Current 1.0µA (Max)
Powder Delivery Rate 500 Gms/Min (Max)
Deflector 12 mm, 19 mm & 25mm Dia Std.
Weight of Gun 525 gms. (Without Cable & Hose)
Length of Gun 90 mm (Without Nozzle)


Model Name Gun Type Monitor SS Hopper Trolley Nozzle Type Direct Level Suction Sensor
Maxim Shalaka 17 PP17 [V] 20 kg. / 40ltr. Vibrating R / A & Flat Auto sieve, direct suction, powder level sensor
Magnum II Shalaka 17 PP17 20 kg. / 40ltr. Non-Vibrating R / A & Flat N.A.
Magnum I Shalaka 17 PP17 12 kg. / 40ltr. Non-Vibrating R / A & Flat N.A.
Magnum (BM) Shalaka 17 PP17 N.A. N.A. R / A & Flat N.A.