Electrostatic Liquid Painting Machine

Our firm is a trustworthy enterprise, offers excellent quality Electrostatic Liquid Painting Machine. Led by proficient engineers and the use of updated technologies, we are able to produce this Painting Machine. The products offered by us are in huge demand in the industry due to their sturdy construction and power packed performance. It has gained a huge appreciation in the market for its precise engineering, longer service life, and maintenance-free. We make this machine available at reasonable prices.


Details : In line with our philosophy, "Innovation to Perfection" we have introduced a new product in the liquid painting field. Persistent efforts and continuous R & D for many years have yielded the Charjet-Premium.

Charjet-Premium is the new age ELP machine with unending qualities. With an amazing saving, new failure diagnostic feature and with a host of other advantages, Charjet-Premium delivers a nearly failure proof experience.

The new Charjet ELP equipment comes in 2 models.

  • Charjet Premium
  • Charjet
  • Saving is the most essential criteria of electrostatic equipment. Highest tip voltage given by us along with the improved soft atomization due to newly designed nozzle gives maximum saving & enhanced quality finish.
  • The new equipment provides up to 40% more paint saving against any conventional gun and 10% to 20% against other ELP equipments in the market. It is equipped with Guaranteed Failure Free Cascade.


Automatic Applicator
Disc Applicator : This is used for painting of articles on conveyorised lines.

Working Principle : Pre - charged paint is fed to disc rotating at high speed, imparting centrifugal force. This causes atomization of paint. The paint particles are negatively charged gets deposited on the article due to Electrostatic effect. Transfer efficiency is very high and may reach 90%.

System Components :

  • An electromechanical reciprocator with remotely controlled speed, stroke & zone control.
  • Applicator.
  • Paint feeding system.
  • Paint charging unit.
  • Control console.

Bell Applicator : This paint applicator can be used for painting large workpieces.

Working Principle :
The paint is fed to bell shaped applicator rotating at high speed (6000 rpm). The paint particles are atomized due to high rotation speed. The paint particles are negatively charged (at 100kV) and these follow the spray pattern generated due to the air shower and deposit on the article. Transfer efficiency is very high and may reach 90%.

System Components :

  • An electromechanical reciprocator with remotely controlled speed, stroke & zone control.
  • Bell applicator.
  • Control console.


Teflon Coating

  • Teflon has properties like non-stickiness, resistance to high temperature, resistance to weather and chemical reactions making it most suitable for industrial coatings. Due to its properties, Teflon paint is very costly forcing the user to maximize the paint use instead of Teflon.
  • Electrostatic Liquid Painting Equipment can be suitably used for Teflon coating facilitating paint savings upto 15-20% leading to heavy cost savings. Liquid Teflon painting by Electrostatic applicator followed by application of Teflon powder is done on ball valves, cooking utensils, piping, irons etc.

Lacquer Coating

  • Lacquering is done on aluminium and brass articles to give a fine film on the articles retaining the original luster of the metals plus giving a smooth finish. For the lacquer coating application, set of Electrostatic Spray applicator, Transfer pump and Stirrer is used.
  • Lacquer savings of 25-30% can be established due to use of Electrostatic Lacquer applicator. Because of the electrostatic field generated, maximum lacquer gets deposited on the article hence there is less overspray and less bounce back. Due to the fine atomization of lacquer particles, there is better distribution of particles on the article. Hence high Lacquer savings can be established as compared to the conventional gun.