Batch Plant

We are an eminent firm involved in the production of quality Batch Plant. Our entire assortment is manufactured by using the best quality raw material under the supervision of skilled technocrats, as per the international quality standards. Easy to install, these plants excel in performance and require low maintenance. We offer these plants to our esteemed customers in a spectrum of specifications and present them to our patrons at nominal prices. We cater to the bulk requirements of the clients.


Details : Optimization of energy, time, space, and finishing :

  • Powder coating quality and efficiency can be optimized only if all the elements of complete powder coating process give optimized performance. Powder coating plants can be basically divided into conveyorised plants and batch plants. Batch plants are based on the premise that both the coating as well as curing process is optimized on the batch size.
  • Besides the pretreatment, batch plant consists of applicators, recovery booth, curing oven and the material handling system.
  • Statfield has proved its metal in the surface coating industry with its quality and technologically advance products. It is a one stop solution for the entire surface coating needs.
  • We have successfully supplied powder coating and liquid painting batch plants to numerous industries. The variety in customization with cutting edge technology makes Statfield customers prime choice of all the batch plants in the market.

Why Statfield's Batch Plant?

  • Statfield is itself a name for quality products.
  • Four decades plus of expertise to prove ourselves on all grounds.
  • Design being the crucial aspect of every plant, we have a full-fledged design department providing justification to each and every design.
  • The only company to manufacture every product in-house enabling us to take total guarantee of the whole plant.
  • The plants have very low running cost due to the quality material used.
  • Wide network of dealers with well qualified service engineers provide round the clock service to the customers.


Construction :
The batch plant mainly comprises of the following :

  • Painting Booth :
    • Powder coating : These types of booths consist of square chamber, multicyclone with blower, motor & bin. Each part of the booth is designed considering its importance in the system. The purpose of each component is different which should be considered from all angles.
    • Liquid painting : These types of booths are available in water wash & dry back type. In water wash type, there are two chambers separated by water curtain wall. The front spray chamber for painting & backside of water curtain wall is Suction Chamber to separate paint particles from air/thinner mixture. On the top of this chamber there is a Blower and Motor. In dry back type the water curtain is replaced with metallic filters. The dry type booth is recommended when paint consumption is less or water is scarce. Metallic filters are used for arresting the over sprayed paint and give clean air output to atmosphere.
  • Curing Oven : Oven is made up of GI sheet. The construction is uniquely designed cassette type for optimum and uniform insulation. Rock wool up to 150 mm thicknesses is used for insulation purpose. Due to this construction there is optimum and uniform insulation. Extra corner angles are used for additional sturdiness.
  • Material handling system : A batch plant material handling system comprises of over-head track and loose trolley or ground trolley. Track and trolley is used for lighter articles. For heavy articles load bar is suitable. Two trolleys can be joined for convenience. For still heavier articles ground trolleys are suitable.

The basic requirements are the same for powder coating and the liquid painting batch plant.

Working :
The working of the batch plant can be explained in the following steps -

  • Step 1 : Pretreatment of articles : The articles to be powder coated or painted are needed to be clean from dust and grease. This is done through the 7s process in which the article is passed through containers of water and chemicals alternately and is cleansed.
  • Step 2 : Article loading : The pretreated articles are bought to the painting / coating booth for painting with the help of the material handling equipments. The articles may be trolley mounted of hooked depending on the weight.
  • Step 3 : Painting/Coating : The articles are coated / painted inside the booth manually or with the help of auto equipments like, the reciprocator. Then the articles are moved towards the oven through the sliding doors of the booth.
  • Step 4 : Curing : The coated / painted articles are enclosed in the oven for curing at about 200 degree Celsius for 20 mins max. The cured article is then removed from the oven for further use.

The plants can be customized to the requirement of the customer and the dimension of the article.


Oven Selection : Generally electric fired ovens are selected for small batch size i.e. less heat load. For bigger batch size, oil fired or gas fired ovens are recommended. Heat exchanger gives advantage of indirect heating resulting in cleaner process and better curing quality.

Technical Detail

Type Internal Dim. (mtrs.) HE K Cal/hr Blower CMH Motor HP Temp °C Material Fuel Batch Load kg
Ojas 10 1.0 2.0 1.5 45000 10000 5 200 MS Diesel or Gas 500
Ojas 15 1.5 3.0 2.0 45000 10000 5 200 MS Diesel or Gas 350
Ojas 20 2.0 2.5 2.0 45000 10000 5 200 MS Diesel or Gas 500
Ojas 25 2.5 4.0 2.5 65000 12000 6 200 MS Diesel or Gas 700


Type Internal Dim. (mtrs.) Heat
Load (KW)
Motor HP Temp °C Material Batch Load kg
Ojas E 20 2.0 2.0 2.0 12 6000 3 200 MS 200
Ojas E 25 2.5 2.0 2.5 36 10000 5 200 MS 300
Ojas E 30 2.5 5.0 2.5 65 10000 5 200 MS 400